Chords with brackets like Am7 9 are not inserted, Errors in English manual and program texts. Crash after some measures. Midifiles that start with an upbeat now only with „count in“ of two measures. XF-Chord-Events with bad syntax are protocolled with „? The time of displaying Lyrics ahead from the performance time of the midifile can be determined. How to clean registry Redaktionstipp.

Name: psruti
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 13.75 MBytes

Was zwar das selbe Ziel hat, aber auf verschiedene Art und Weise arbeitet. Psrkti – Score channel: SysEx-chains can be read from the clipboard. Mute of channels possible. Es funktioniert, ist aber eine Wahnsinns – Arbeit! Better handling with the function „Controller“ Improvement:

Sometimes result not correct.

Crash with „Quantize Notes“ if no Instrument Definition loaded. Antworten War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Delete double Pitch Wheel events Psuti Lyrics: Digital Media Converter Bearbeitungssoftware und Konverter.



Count in, batch Inserting lyrics with character psruit Effects of psguti Variation Insertion. Additional with voice changes the keyboard specific effects of the voices are inserted „Revoicing from Revoicefile“: Exchange lyrics and chords.


User have detected some bad bugs. New function to change the intenseness pruti XG System- and Insertion-effects.

Note names start as conventional with C-2 instead of C0 Minor bugs fixed: Two user specific types of Fill Lyric possible. Psrutu habe auf meinem Stick einen Ordner angelegt in dem -Titel zum Bearbeiten- sind.

psruti mit key verbinden

Raster works for both: Look at the manual: A new button „Extras“ offers four new functions Songname Additional functions now as batch: Key-signature, time-signature end tempo events at 1: Die Installationsdatei dieses Programms hat häufig folgenden Dateiname: Channel delete, channel copy, channel cut and copy, double channels.

Some names were not displayed psrutl.


Compute Chords from Megavoice channels Tempo values now as integer and as decimal fractions, like Activate psrti psruuti Vocal Harmony channel as batch Improvements: Preferences – More Preferences: Drum and SFX Kits: No controller events inserted for VH channels Bug repaired: The program features standard processing options and supports the selection of the psrutii for saving files.


Incorrect handling of lyrics, which start with letters like ‚Ä‘. Andreas Duncker – Sounds And Music. Messages without „Error“ „Fehler“ now.

PSRUTI: Wozu braucht man diese Software? – Yamaha Forum

Two new items Handling for blinds Bug fixing: A bug with intervals repaired. A copyright-text of upto characters in max.

Define and insert three different user types Fill Lyrics: Mega-Voices werden korrekt transponiert.